Deck Repairs

   Due to poor construction, design, or improper materials some decks will deteriorate faster than others. This along with lack of professional maintenance will lead to problems that worsen the longer they go uncorrected, at times creating very unsafe conditions. These problems left unaddressed could not only damage your deck but compromise the structural integrity of your home leading to more costly repairs. When identified and corrected early these problems can be averted for much less than expected, not only saving the home owner money but preventing possible injuries.

Most common deck repairs:

  •  Rotting and braking decking boards / joists

  •  Rotten ledger board

  •  Insufficient frame support

  •  Rotting rim joist

  •  Girder posts settling or heaving  

  •  Girder not adequate for deck load

  •  Stairs cupped or no spacing causing stair rot

  •  Railing post not properly framed in

  •  Balusters rotting from top and bottom rai

  •  Lag bolts rusting out or snapping

  •  Railings pulling away from rim joists

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Carol & Tim - Greenwood Village

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Ken & Sara - Morrison

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